The humble ukulele helped brighten the bleakest days of the Great Depression, bringing smiles to people of all ages who strummed or just loved tuning the radio dial to songs from exotic Hawaii, to New York’s Tin Pan Alley, to Great Britain “across the pond.”

So there’s never been a more perfect time to rediscover the uke’s plucky, percussive and positive mojo and learn why it’s enjoying a well-deserved resurgence in popularity.

Ukulele players (from beginning to expert) and music fans, please join us for some good-old-fashioned escapist fun, featuring some of the continent’s most renowned and entertaining ukulele players. Check our lineup for workshops, house concerts, a day of music and delicious food at the beach, and other events—all at the peak of our most beautiful season.

We offer several free events (mostly on Friday and Saturday), along with paid workshops and house concerts, so please look at the festival overview page for more details.

IMPORTANT: We are deeply saddened to report the passing of our friend John King, who was scheduled to teach and perform on Wednesday.



A production of the Suncoast Ukulele Society and the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society

With thanks to Sarasota County